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Interestingly, I would never even have built retroclipart.com, had it not been for the appearance of those pseudo retro art suppliers on the market.
    When I produced the original Retro Ad Art CD with the help of Nancy Ragan Smith back in '97, I was certain that there would be many suppliers on the scene offering serious collections of authentic retro art by now, and I'd be able to leave this field and get on with other projects (eg; music, animation, video production, etc).
    But the other legitmate retro art suppliers never materialized, due to the fact that the logistics involved with producing a large collection such as this were virtually insurmountable. Creating elegant, authentic '50s ad art isn't the same as churning out piles of tacky, modern-day clipart. This is a whole different ballgame. No other professional illustrators were willing to take on this enormous task and expense without any guarantee of returns, and I can't blame them!
    So I was faced with this dilemma in 2003:  If I was to simply walk away, then the pseudo retro art suppliers with their poor quality homemade images were going to have their way with the market, and the entire world would be stuck with their sites as the main resources for supposed "retro clip art".
    This wasn't fair to anyone who might decide to go on the net some day and search for 1950's clip art, and it wasn't fair to all the artists of yesteryear who were so devoted to their craft. I simply could not allow this to happen. These sites were so clearly ego-driven. Their owners had no intention of providing, true, professional quality retro artwork to anyone. Their main motivation was to be the top dog, and have the world believe that their doodles were the real thing. Their whole premise was just wrong.

    So I did what had to be done; I built retroclipart.com, mainly to make sure that these individuals would never be able to rewrite the history of retro advertising art, and to ensure that there would always be a source for true retro art for those who need it, and finally, to help ensure that the work done by the amazing artists of the '40s and '50s could have a chance to live on forever.
    RetroClipArt.com will likely never be a profitable venture due to the fact that there are virtually unlimited numbers of images waiting to be processed, however I believe that one day, probably long after my demise, I may actually be recognized for having founded this resource.
    If I hadn't gone to all this trouble, then there truly would be no other resource like this available to anyone, and the world would be stuck with those amateur homemade neo-retro doodles as the only retro art resource. That's a scary thought!
    I'm eternally thankful to Allah, God or Buddah or whoever for giving me the foresight to register the domains retroclipart.com and retroart.com back in '96. It's only fitting that the website that offers the true, authentic 1950's artwork should be aptly dubbed


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