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Tony Bosley - Born in Vancouver, Canada.
A product of the large Bosley clan of East Vancouver, Tony was mentored at a very early age by uncles Jim and Mike Bosley, who helped give him a head start in both the art and music fields. He has been honing his skills in both domains ever since as a graphic designer, illustrator, pianist, guitarist and composer.
    In his mid teens he moved with his immediate family to Toronto. There he received his graphic art training at Sheridan College, and moved to Quebec in his early 20's where he continued pursuing both careers while becoming fluently bilingual. He eventually moved back to settle permanently in Vancouver in 1987.
    With two sons and a daughter in tow, he worked full time as a graphic artist while continuing to perform whenever possible in local clubs, both solo and with various bands. In 1992 he founded
adgraphics.com, and In 1997 launched retroadart.com, which features a collection of over 1800 classic retro advertising images on CD.
    By 2001 he was ready to head back into the music field full time, however he felt that there were serious problems cropping up within the retro art market in general which needed to be dealt with. Specifically, some retro art suppliers had appeared on the scene selling
poorly drawn, amateur doodles which they had made themselves, and were trying to market as authentic "retro clip art".
    Tony felt that this was false advertising, as well as a great misuse of the internet itself. He felt that these types of images should be marketed for what they really were (eg; neo-retro drawings) rather than "retro clip art", as this was misleading to the public. It was apparent that these websites were being operated by highly egocentric individuals who's main goal was to have all the attention focused on themselves as "amazing retro artists", rather than doing the right thing, which is staying low key and supplying the world with real retro art drawn by artists who actually lived in the '40s and '50s.
    At the same time, it was also becoming apparent that no one else was stepping up to the plate to offer any large collections of real retro clip art besides Tony's own Retro Ad Art CD. This meant that the pseudo retro art suppliers were fixing to dominate the market (if left unchecked), whilst shamelessly conning unsuspecting visitors into believing that their home-made doodles were real retro clip art.

    In good conscience, Tony couldn't stand by and allow this to happen. By 2003 he had collected some 2000 authentic retro images from various sources across the US and Canada, so he decided to put his other career ambitions aside and concentrate on building a resource which would ensure that the world would always have access to genuine retro clip art from the '40s and '50s. In this way he would at least be doing his part to help balance things out and provide some level of sanity to the retro clip art market, whilst putting the kibosh on these sorely misdirected pseudo-retro art suppliers.


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